The beautiful Italian Renaissance concert hall opened for the first concert of Johann Strauss in 1868. Kursalon Hübner is situated next to the City Park, known for the golden statue of Johann Strauss in its relaxing gardens. It has four ballrooms, a 1000 square meter terrace and a restaurant that offers dinner before or after the concert. Its repertoire is mostly based on Mozart and Strauss, with a few other composers completing it. The concert is on a smaller stage in comparison to the biggest concert halls in the city, but it offers participation of singers (tenors and sopranos), as well as dancing performance, which is not the case in other concerts.

Overall, it is the ideal package for someone who would like to stay close to the city center (it is within walking distance from the Opera) and get a concert that has music, singing and dance. This concert hall offers a Concert & Dinner Package, which might be preferred by couples. Concerts at Kursalon are an overview of what the country’s greatest composers offered to classical music in a shorter time (about 1 hour). 


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