We got a wonderful guide. She brought treats and a guidebook for everyone on the tour. Gave lots of helpful tips and funny stories. The tour flew by and we were able to see all of the major attractions”.
– Review of Makayla, USA on Airbnb

Our guide has an enormous amount of passion for Vienna and it shows in everything she does, from the gift pack she gives you with snacks and a little travel guide she wrote herself of her favorite things. She’s someone who fell deeply in love with the country when she moved here and retraces her personal history as she got to know Vienna, taking us along for the ride. It’s an experience every bit as unique and quirky as Nicoleta’s personality. Vienna is filled with tours that walk you through the same places. For me, what sets them apart is the tour guide and how they create a distinct experience. This is 100% her own and something I highly recommend”!
– Review of Charles, USA on Airbnb

I really enjoyed the tour. The tour guide was excellent and friendly. She showed me around the popular views but also showed me around some beautiful unknown areas and passages. I recommend the tour as the tour guide will explain the city through her eyes. She even showed me some nice cafes and places to eat with authentic Viennese culture”.
– Review of Carlos, Portugal on Viator

Our first time in Vienna and we decided to do a walking tour. We hit the jackpot with our Greek guide. Her knowledge of the city made the tour exceptional. We will be returning and she will be our first choice of guided tours”.
– Review of Bob & Joanne, USA on Viator

This is a unique program in Vienna. Excellent menu card about Vienna. Please do it on the first day, after you arrived at the city. And then you can choose lots of things what you didn’t think. Our guide introduced the attractions with her enthusiastic personal detailed knowledge. We had time to talk about the monuments, museums, churches and of course the history. She gave answers to all of our questions”.
– Review of Agnes, Hungary on Airbnb

Highly recommend this tour. Especially on your first day in Vienna. The 9am start time is fantastic for beating the crowds. Loved the quiet hidden gems”.
Review of Rebecca, USA on Airbnb

Absolutely lovely experience, small group, the guide had a lot of fun stories about every where we visited and about herself as well which was great to listen to. The day we had booked was horrible rain and she accomodated to move to a better time as well, no problems! Thank you for the trip”. ❤️
– Review of Yasemine, UK on Viator

This lady is a wonderful guide: She gives very good information in a comprehensive walking tour, that really makes one fall in love with Vienna. Be sure to take this tour at the very beginning of one’s stay in Vienna , as she adds a lot of useful information about concert halls, museums, restaurants and coffee- shops, that will affect one’s plans during the visit. Don’t miss this specific tour if you want to make the most out of your trip to Vienna”.
– Review of Moshe, Israel on Viator

I had the pleasure of taking a walking tour with a local guide of this office earlier this month. She is very friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about the wonderful city of Vienna! Even though we had rain the day of my tour it was still great to hear all about the city really walk around. I did in fact fall more in love with Vienna. Definitely recommend, you won’t regret it”!
– Review of Katherine, USA on Airbnb

We were really pleased with the tour. It gave us an orientation around the city and also an insight from a local. Our guide came really well prepared with an info pack for us, bottles of water and some local treats. That was a nice touch and not something we expected. She gave us a great introduction to Vienna and a lot of personal insights and funny stories. It felt like walking around the city with a friend and the hours just flew by. We followed her recommendations and had an awesome three-day stay in Vienna”.
– Review of Alexandra and Alexander, New Zealand on Airbnb

We had a really fantastic tour with our guide. She was very knowledgeable and great fun to spend the morning with. She was very thoughtful, giving us water and snacks, and adapting the tour to accommodate our needs. She put a lot of thought into showing us not only the main highlights, but also some less known places of interest and beauty. She gave us great recommendations for food and further places to explore on our trip. She was friendly, engaging and thoughtful; we couldn’t have asked for more. Can’t recommend her enough”!
– Review of Katherine, UK on Airbnb

I highly recommend this tour for first time visitors to Vienna! Our guide prepared a comprehensive information package about attractions and public transportation in the city that made it really easy to plan my stay. The small group setting allowed us to have a coffee break, take photos and ask questions without being rushed. She also did an excellent job of showing us Vienna’s highlights and making recommendations to each person based on the duration of their trip. She was very friendly and helpful, and her love of Vienna really adds to the walking tour experience”.
– Review of Claire, USA on Viator

We loved our guided walking tour through Vienna’s city center with our guide. It was a small group of three. She was very knowledgeable about the city’s attractions and history and she also shared her personal love for the city. Doing this tour at the beginning of our trip helped us navigate the rest of our trip. Thank you so much”!
– Review of Jennifer, USA on Viator

Great first experience of our trip to Vienna, her passion and love for the city and her experience was very important. She gives the information in a personal way, thank you, we enjoyed our morning with you, and was a pleasure to meet you”!
– Review of Juan, Mexico on Airbnb

Our local guide was very knowledgeable and efficient. We got to explore a big chunk of Vienna in a couple of hours. I would suggest doing this tour on your first day in Vienna because then you can use the rest of your time exploring more the places that caught your attention. Our guide is funny and engaging and loves what she does, so it makes the experience pleasant”.
– Review of Shushan, Armenia on Airbnb

Die Führung war ganz persönlich und wir konnten viele Fragen stellen. Wir waren insgesamt zu viert was eine schöne kleine Runde war, im Gegensatz zu den Massenführungen, die man Gelegentlich in Wien gesehen hat. Unser Führerin war sehr freundlich und gut informiert, sie hat Fotos von uns vor den Denkmählern gemacht und wir konnten in unserer Pause das aktuell stattfindende Filmfestival mit Naschbuden und Musik genießen. Wir bedanken uns ganz herzlich bei ihr und empfehlen die Tour weiter”!
– Review of Tiziana, Germany on Airbnb

Had a great tour with our local guide! She took the group to lots of sights around Vienna and took photos of everyone in front of many of the sights. I really appreciated the smaller size of the group, it made it much easier to navigate and ask questions! She even makes a little info packet for after the tour which was also helpful for the rest of my trip”!
– Review of Grace, USA on Viator

A must do tour in Vienna!! This local guide is superb! She is very knowledgeable and friendly. She spoke about architecture and Austrian history. As part of the tour she pointed out famous sites and talked about Mozart, Freud, Spanish riding school, Sacher cake locations, restaurant locations and how to ride the metro. 50 sites including a stop at a coffee shop. She helped us get the best angle for photos and we appreciate the small size group. Her love for Wien rubbed off on us. We felt like family! Danke
– Review of Molly, Australia on Viator

Today we had a tour with a local guide, a delightful woman who showed us the enchanting city of Vienna. We instantly fell in love with the city, thanks to her. We had an incredibly pleasant and engaging time with her as our guide. She showcased Vienna from a unique and fascinating perspective. Her storytelling skills were captivating, and she created a wonderful atmosphere throughout the tour. We truly enjoyed our time with her, and she made our visit to Vienna truly memorable”.
– Review of Henryk, Poland on Airbnb

“Falling in Love with Vienna Today” tour totally deserves 5 stars! 🌟 Super well-organized, and she knows Vienna like the back of her hand. It felt like exploring the city with a knowledgeable friend. You can tell she’s head over heels for Vienna and wants you to feel the same. Loved the personal tips she gave us for getting around and her favorite spots. Oh, and the café break with the insanely delicious cake and live piano music? Highlight of the trip! If you’re in Vienna, don’t miss her tour – it’s a quick ticket to falling in love with the city. Thank you”! 🍰❤
– Review of F️atimah, Indonesia on Airbnb

Uns hat die Stadtführung sehr gut gefallen und wir haben einen guten Einblick darüber erhalten was wir noch in den nächsten Tagen genauer anschauen wollen. Vor allem fanden wir das Paket ,welches sie uns am Anfang gegeben hat mit vielen hilfreichen Tipps wie und wohin man gehen/mit der U Bahn fahren kann”.
– Review of Liliana, Germany on Airbnb

Our local guide is an excellent, fun-loving guide who is also well-prepared for her role! She showed us all the most important venues including the St. Stephen’s, the monument to the plague of the Middle Ages and the Christmas markets. Bathroom breaks were well-planned, as was a nice refreshing stop at a not-too busy Cafe. She was well-prepared to take pictures and eliminate the selfie aspect of a solo vacation”!
– Review of Roger, Canada on Trip Advisor

Great introduction to Vienna! We took this tour on our first morning in Vienna and it really helped orient us to the city. Our guide helped us to get our public transit passes that worked for our entire stay and we appreciated the info packets. I didn’t realize how much of a difference the smaller group size would make, but we passed lots of large (30+ people) sized tours and there is no way that those groups could see and learn as much on their tours as we were able to in our small group with our guide. We were able to go in and out of lots of different churches and buildings and even have a nice break in a coffee shop. While each stop is short, our guide provided us with lots of information about what is available to see and do and where to buy tickets, which helped us to decide what we wanted to come back to see in more detail later”.
– Review of Stephanie, USA on Viator

I travel a lot and rarely take guided tours, but I am so glad I decided to take this one! My local guide was so knowledgeable about the city and her love for Vienna is so obvious and contagious. I saw way more on this tour than I ever expected to see and I learned a lot. I cannot recommend this tour enough! You get your money’s worth and then some”.
– Review of Maral, USA on Airbnb

It was amazing, far better than I expected. She knows so much about the city and places and is very good at her job. Loved how she also took photos of me. Loved the whole experience overall. She even gave me a list of places that I could visit the next day and provided a document, which had all the places I could visit and how I could travel there through public transport. She even recommended me places to eat . Overall it was a great experience”.
– Review of Shruti, India on Airbnb

I booked this tour for August 14th and my local guide went above and beyond my expectations. She knows Vienna for sure and her global experience of working in various countries allows her to present her views about Vienna better and in a very comparative way. Her Greek origin allows her to present Vienna in a way that other guides could not present. The tour is designed to cover almost all of Vienna’s famous hotspots and a surprise at the end where she took me to the river side. She’s extremely sincere about her job and fun to walk with, her stories are spell-bounding. Try to do this on day 1 to get holistic idea about Vienna, your remaining trip will be more productive, you’d know where to go and what to skip”.
– Review of Hemant, India on Airbnb

Nous recommandons fortement ! Nous avons adoré notre tour, Nicoleta est très captivante et attentive aux questions que nous pourrions lui poser. Elle prend le temps de préciser avec beaucoup de détails les anecdotes et informations ! C’est une guide très investie, elle fournit un petit pack avec tes boissons gratuites ainsi qu’un document récapitulant, toutes les bonnes adresses de Vienne. N’hésitez pas à réserver un tour avec Nicoleta, vous ne serez pas déçus“!
– Review of Eva & Alex, France on Airbnb

“정말 재밌고 친절하게 빈 도심 곳곳을 투어해주었습니다! 저희를 위해서 사진도 열심히 찍어주시고 저희가 여행지에서 사진을 찍는 것도 기다려주시면서 맞춤 투어를 진행해주셨어요
돈을 내지 않고 들어갈 수 있는 관광지를 함께 들어가면서 여러가지 자세한 설명도 해주셨습니다
관광지를 도는 속도가 빨라서 빠르게 빈의 모든 주요 관광지를 둘러보고 싶은 관광객들에게 매우 추천합니다”
– Review of Kim & Jin, Korea on Airbnb

We had a great tour with our guide! She gives a great overview of Vienna from both a historical and cultural perspective. She also provides an incredible guide to the city which shows all of the best attractions and restaurants based on subway stop! Very helpful for a city with easy public transportation. She also took photos for us during the tour which was an awesome added bonus. Highly recommend her tour”!
– Review of Rachel, USA on Airbnb

This was one of our best walking tours and a wonderful tour guide. I wish we could see guides like her in other places too. It was personalized and localized with empathy, character and passion.. what more you can ask for. Thank you Nicoleta”.
– Review of Harsh, USA on Airbnb

Sie ist fantastisch! Incredibly knowledgeable and thoughtful in her approach to hospitality and tourism. Can maneuver her way through Vienna with ease, and was a gem to work with”!
– Review of Steven, USA on Airbnb

We had such a great time not only is she a great story teller but she is also fun to be with. She showed us the highlights of Vienna helping us plan what and how to visit. She also helped with the understanding of metro and answered all of our many questions patiently”.
– Review of Bindu, India on Airbnb

She was amazing. She had very practical information about Vienna through the eyes of a former tourist but in depth and interesting facts about the attractions as a former teacher and scholar of tourism. Her route is well thought off and has the tourist in mind. We received a gift bag with water and juice along with a personalized packet of tours we could do on our own. This packet included detailed train routes and attractions to do along each stop of all the U-line routes. She was very accommodating where wanted to stop, buy chocolates and gift items, take pictures, have coffee, enter landmarks to see inside and have knowledge where to buy tickets and so on… she was truly amazing! She also recommended the best dessert I have ever had in my life”!!!
– Review of Maria, USA on Airbnb

She is a very nice tour guide and a very kind person. She has thought all about the details. I would definitely recommend her”. :))
– Review of Irena, Bulgaria on Airbnb

Our guide provided a great walking tour of Vienna’s landmarks! She furnished a wealth of information during the extensive tour and, in addition, provided printed handouts with maps and notes to help us explore further on our own. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind and considerate. She has first hand knowledge of venues and restaurants and shares the information freely. We recommend her tour heartily”!
– Review of Maria & Tom, USA on Airbnb

Fantastic experience with our guide! Exploring Vienna and trying some amazing delicacies pastries at local prices which otherwise would be impossible to experience. She was so kind; it was a hot day and she welcome us with cold water. She took our pictures where we want also she recommended nice spots for photos. Highly recommend”!
– Hasan, Turkey on a private tour